The Great RAM Search!
Class of 1975

This site is dedicated to one purpose. Keeping track of the Rutherford High School Class of 1975. To that end you will find a form here that will allow you to enter information about any classmate. It will be sent to Don Cornelius. If requested I will then post the information on this site for others to view. Otherwise it will not be posted but kept for the express purpose of contacting classmates from time to time to pass on reunion or other information that might be useful to our friends.

- We FOUND them! - Help! They are MISSING!

On the yearbook photo pages that follow you will see the yellow smiley face or the red frown face next to each classmates name. Let's make all those faces smile! Please help us find more of our classmates. Even if you think you would never attend a reunion please foward your contact info in to us so that we may keep you informed of any other events or information. Click here to see who we have found.

December 2, 2002 - I had Dad send out a message to 19 classmates for which we have no contact information. They were all found on If you have never been there you can join for free and it will make it easier for others to find you. Another site you might like to visit is There you will find a list of other RHS Class of 'XXXX' web site links.
Later, Don Cornelius
Class of 1975
Go Rams!

As the names start to roll in of the approximate 100 missing classmates so do the notices of the few that have passed away. There is no denying that we are getting older and so are our friends, parents and other family members. Some of us are just experiencing the loss of someone close for the first time, others have already faced those losses and still others have been lucky. They have not felt the mixed sorrow and joy that comes with the first Christmas without a special person recently lost. Here is a poem that was sent to me tonight that seems appropriate. More so for some of us than others but all may find some small amount of peace in reading it. Click here.